Donate We need your financial support to enable us to continue to fund research through the United States Registry for Fibromuscular Dysplasia. FMDSA, solely funds the Registry through donations made by our members and patient community. Funds are also required to raise awareness, attend conferences to educate medical professionals and to provide patient support .

As you can see by the review posted below, we are truly making a difference in people's lives...Even the smallest donations add up and allow us to continue our work. 

 Reviews as posted on Great Nonprofits 

"FMDSA has been the catalyst for engaging the medical community to pursue research! The amount of research and articles published in the last ten years correlate with the founding of FMDSA. Thanks to their constant presence at medical conferences, grand rounds and push to share awareness via various media outlets and social media , FMD is now a recognized vascular disease. With the establishment of the FMD Patient Registry, funded by FMDSA research is in full force, offering hope and answers for those affected by FMD.  Thank you to this wonderful organization!" ...Lisa

"I was diagnosed with FMD six years and ago. It was quite overwhelming to be diagnosed with a disease that I had never heard of and that my doctors knew little about. I can remember the first time I "googled" FMD and found Not only was I able to learn all about FMD, but I was also able to find a doctor that was knowledgeable about this disease who was close by. I knew immediately this was an organization that I wanted to support in any way that I could. Thanks to Pam Mace, the Director of FMDSA , the Board Members and Medical Advisors awareness about this disease is getting out there to the medical community. Now all of my doctors know about FMD and there is now an FMD Clinic in my hometown. FMDSA also started the FMD Registry which has provided such valuable information for both medical professionals and those that have this disease."...Abbie

You may make a tax-deductible donation. The Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America, Inc. was founded on March 11, 2003 and received tax-exempt status on October 7, 2003. FMDSA is a Delaware nonprofit corporation which is classified by the IRS as exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3) and as a "public charity" under IRC Section 509. Donations from individuals and corporations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Tax ID: 01-0771966




Thank you for helping us to support our patient community, raise awareness and fund research.






-Author Unknown


Appeal Letter

We first wish to thank those of you that have supported our organization through your donations of personal time, money, and expertise. Without your help we could not have made the great strides we have over the course of the last decade.

Our growth throughout the past 13 years has given our organization a worldwide presence and helped us to create awareness on a scale we never imagined. We have educated patients and healthcare providers internationally, resulting in increased awareness, collaboration, research, faster diagnosis and treatment, and FMD Clinics throughout the United States.

By uniting physicians with an interest in FMD throughout the world we assisted in the development of the International FMD Research Network.  May 2014 was the first International FMD Research Network Symposium and we were there. The event was co-chaired by medical advisory board members, Heather Gornik and Jeffrey Olin. The Network teams have identified and are attempting to address the many issues specific to FMD.

One of our proudest accomplishments to date has been the FMDSA funded, FMD Patient Registry. The database will one day give us a full understanding of the disease and hopefully lead to the best treatment options and possibly a cure. There have been more than 20 posters, abstracts and manuscripts already published from the data in medical journals and presented at medical conferences. To date over 1,500 patients have participated and we have 13 active registry centers enrolling patients. 

From our very first Annual Meeting in 2008, we have supported many on site research projects by coordinating and facilitating blood draws, saliva collection and even a quality of life study for patients living with FMD. These projects will help us to better understand the disease and its impact. This year, FMDSA participated in Rare Disease Day in Washington, DC representing patients affected by FMD. We were also successful, in getting the first ever nationally recognized Fibromuscular Awareness Day designated as March 11th, in the state of Michigan.

These programs and others, such as attendance at national and international meetings, educational programs, and our awareness campaigns are self-funded. The registry alone costs us in excess of $40,000 annually. 

We hope that we can count on you. We are asking that you support our annual appeal by making a cash donation. Let your friends and family be reminded of the seriousness of your disease and ask them to help in any way they can. Maybe even just a small donation to recognize your involvement with the FMDSA and acknowledge you as an active part of helping others and working towards a common goal. The more people that get involved, the greater our goals and accomplishments.

We are optimistic that the patients, families, friends, healthcare workers, and concerned people will appreciate the urgency of our situation and give us the financial support to succeed. We understand that everyone does not have the ability to personally contribute at this time. However, you should not feel awkward or guilty asking others to contribute to your cause.

Whether you donate now, or later on when you have the ability, your gift is always welcome and even the smallest donation plays a big part in our health as an organization. Get involved and help by keeping up with our activities. Help by sponsoring our runners in the 2017 Cleveland Marathon. What better gift could you ask for on a Birthday or for the Holidays but a small donation towards your health?

With Hope,

The FMDSA Board of Director


 FMDSA Circle of Friends

To help fund the United States Registry for Fibromuscular Dysplasia, we have created the  FMDSA "Circle of Friends". The FMDSA Circle of Friends is a group of committed benefactors with an interest in supporting the patient registry. By making a gift or pledge of $5,000 or more annually, you can help FMDSA ensure that the registry continues. Without the registry, we are just a group of patients. With the registry, we are a voice that has gotten the attention of the medical community.

You can be a part of something great while making a difference in the lives of patients, not only today, but for generations to come. For many of our members, their daily activities of living are affected, and they do not have the ability or means to give. It takes special individuals like you to help make a difference.

FMDSA has made substantial progress in raising awareness of this disease and educating medical professionals over the last decade as evidenced by the increasing number of patients that are newly diagnosed. We need your help to continue to be a voice! To learn more about the FMDSA Circle of Friends, please contact Jodi Roth at


Donation in Memory / on Behalf

A donation to FMDSA in memory or on behalf of a loved one is a special and lasting tribute to those you cherish and respect. 

In Memory: A notification will be sent to the bereaved family of the person remembered, as you specify, to acknowledge your memorial gift.  Please include the name of the person being remembered and the name, address with zip code of their next of kin.  The amount of your gift remains confidential. 

On-Behalf: Notification will be sent to your honoree to acknowledge your gift.  Please include the name of the person being honored, his/her address with zip code, and if appropriate, the reason whether it be birthday, anniversary or just because. The amount of the gift remains confidential. 

Donate by Mail or donate using our Secure Online Form.

Send a check or money order made payable to the Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America, along with the name of the individual being honored and their address with zip code for an On-Behalf Gift or the name of the individual being remembered and the name and address with zip code of the next of kin for an In-Memory Gift. 


 FMDSA's Amazon Wish List

The Amazon Wish List allows organizations such as ours to defray the cost of many items we would otherwise need to purchase and allows benefactors the opportunity to make a donation to FMDSA in the form of an item that we need in our office or for a conference. 

Simply click here and search through our "wish list" and find an item that you would like to donate to FMDSA, add to your shopping cart, pay and Amazon ships it to FMDSA.  PLEASE NOTE...We have no way of knowing at FMDSA who "gifted" us through Amazon, so please send an email to notifying us of your gift so that you can be properly acknowledged.  Thank you in advance for helping support FMDSA via our wish list.


Donate Airline Miles

Our need to travel to medical conferences and to meet with institutions is growing. Your generous donation of airline miles will help us to meet our education and awareness goals in the coming year. The value of the airline miles is also tax-deductible.

To make a donation of airline miles, please call the FMDSA office at (216) 834-2410 or toll free at 888-709-7089.

Donate A Car

FMDSA has recently completed the necessary paperwork to allow members to donate their used cars. From each car donated, 70% of the proceeds will be contributed to the FMDSA. It's fast and easy! Simply call the number below and staff will assist with arrangements seven days a week.  Call before 2PM local time for "Free Next Day Pick Up".

For more information contact:
Donate A Car 1-800-237-5714

Thank you to FMDSA Member Cecile Pileggi for bringing this program to our attention. 


Non-Cash Gifts

While cash donations are always welcome, gifts can come in many different forms that provide the necessary funding to drive FMD research.

If you've invested in stock or real estate over the past few years, the news is that many of our holdings may have increased in value. The bad news is the capital gains tax that you will owe when you sell these appreciated assets.

But there is a way to completely and legally avoid all the capital gains tax on your investments while earning a current year tax deduction on the asset’s full value: by donating your stock to the Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America.

Congress has recently extended some very advantageous rules that apply to contributed investments such as stocks or bonds that have appreciated in value. You receive a full income tax deduction based upon the current market value AND you completely avoid ever having to pay capital gains tax on your donated investment. In addition, your charitable contribution may also help you avoid estate taxes.

The IRS Code was specifically designed to make it advantageous for more Americans to contribute to the charitable causes they wish to support. We hope that you will consider this prudent and responsible method of giving to fund much-needed research into FMD.

Personal Assets
There are ways you can make a gift of personal or real property to FMDSA and retain a right to use the property during your lifetime. The transferred property may be art, your residence or commercial real estate. In each case you will receive a charitable tax deduction for the present value of the FMDSA’s interest, which will offset taxes on your income. In addition, you may continue to use the property or receive income from it. At the end of your lifetime, the property may be sold with the proceeds going to support the research and awareness programs of the FMDSA, as you have directed. 


Planned Giving

You can be a part of the future.

Planning a gift for tomorrow will bring you benefits today. You can create your legacy, take some control over the future and build a bridge to coming generations. The rewards go beyond the personal. You will better the lives of people living with FMD and their families and inspire many people to work toward and invest in a future that holds no fear of FMD. 

Making a gift through your will is a meaningful way to make a lasting commitment. You can bequeath a sum of money, an item, or any portion of your estate.

Life Insurance
If you have a life insurance plan that is no longer needed, you can designate FMDSA as the beneficiary of the policy.

Retirement Plans
You can also arrange to donate a percentage of your choosing (as little as 1%) from your qualified retirement savings plan by designating FMDSA as one of your plan’s beneficiary.