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FMDSA Online FMD/SCAD Inspire Support Group Please join us on our FMD Inspire support group. To be taken to our group, click here. Post your own questions or just read those from others on a range of FMD topics.

FMDSA Facebook page

Please click here to be directed to our page. We post daily and it's a great way to stay connected.

Regional FMDSA Networks

 FMDSA is in the process of organizing Regional Network Volunteers/ Groups across the country. If you do not see your City or State listed, please check back soon as we are in the process of adding more groups. Please note these groups are informal and run by volunteers, many who also have FMD.

The volunteers/groups have been formed to offer support for affected persons and their families and to foster local efforts to further the FMDSA mission. It gives you the opportunity to meet others who have also been diagnosed with fibromuscular dysplasia and or spontaneuous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) the opportunity to promote public and professional awareness of the disease in your community. For questions about the groups please contact Carol Rogers at

Alabama, Mary Jo Hicks at

Arizona, please contact Carol McGatha at

California (Northern), Mimi Petersen at

Connecticut, Lisa Shelanskas at

Florida, Lisa Foster at

Georgia, Kimberly Waters and Abbie Levy

Kansas, Brenda Brodrick at

Kentucky, Rosie Miklavcic at

Illinois, Karen Hartman at

Iowa, Ojas Pradhan at Brenda Spencer at

Maryland, Claudia Palau Kime at SCAD and FMD contact

Massachusetts, Cindy Basque at

Michigan, Pam Mace at SCAD and FMD contact

Nebraska, Brenda Spencer at

Nevada, Barbara McFee at

New Jersey, Cheryl Bailey at

New York, Kelly Seifried at or Lora Santanastaso at

North Carolina, Carol Rogers at

Ohio, Kelly Anderson at and Christi Nelson  SCAD and FMD contact

Oklahoma, Rhonda Vesely at

Oregon, Gina Summers at

Pennsylvania, Jill Kelly McComsey at SCAD and FMD contact

Rhode Island, Emily Mayer at

Texas, Molly Clark at   Phyllis Labatut Baker at

Virginia, Maureen Womack at

Washington, Gayle McElroy at ;Susie Goldsmith at  and Rob Kneisler  

West Virginia, Sheila Butler at

Wisconsin, Dawn Marisch at 


International Volunteer Network

Africa, Ashleigh Botha at

Australia, Bronte Sterk at  Google website - please click here

Belgium, Cathlin Jamison at website, click here

Canada, Rochelle DesRochers at

Netherlands, Madelon Bouwmeester, click here

New Zealand, Cherrill Bell at

Switzerland, Nina Verstraete

UK,  Angeline Young at